Job Opportunities

North Park Covenant Church in Chicago, IL seeks a: 

Chancel Choir Director part-time position. The Chancel Choir Director will rehearse and direct the chancel choir of North Park Covenant Church. In working with the music committee and the music ministries coordinator, the chancel choir director will oversee and coordinate all efforts of the chancel choir to enhance the worship life of the congregation. The chancel choir director must be invested in leading people to God and inspiring those around him/her to continue the rich legacy of the choir at NPCC. Any one interested in the position should email with their resume and contact information. To learn more, please download job description for a Chancel Choir Director. (December ’16)

Hillcrest Covenant Church in DeKalb, IL seeks an: 

Administrative Assistant part-time position, which includes performing receptionist, clerical, and secretarial duties as well as administrative and office management responsibilities. The position requires an overall attitude of office professionalism, ability to handle conversations and correspondence sometimes confidential in nature, a commitment to staff teamwork, and the ability to promote a pleasant, positive, and supportive office environment. To learn more, please download job description for a Administrative Assistant. (September’16)

North Park University in Chicago, IL seeks a:

Seminary Administrative Coordinator to provide administrative support for Seminary academic programming and assessment and the office of the Dean of the Seminary. This is achieved by maintaining a professional, efficient, and hospitable work environment that engenders the confidence of all constituencies including Seminary students, Seminary administration and faculty, the wider University, the ECC denominational offices, and other external constituencies.  To learn more, please download job description for a Seminary Administrative Coordinator. To apply, click here. (August’16)

Evangelical Covenant Church in Chicago, IL seeks a:

  • Facilities and Mailroom Manager to assist the Facilities Manager in general ground and facilities maintenance tasks, as well as, in managing and leading efforts in the Mailroom area.  This position engages with Covenant Offices constituency to ensure facilities and grounds are operational and ready for engagements. To learn more, please download job description for a Facilities and Mailroom Manager Position and ECC job Application. (September ’16)
  • Coordinator of Administrative Support is responsible for coordinating the administrative support functions of the ministries of Serve Globally. This position provides project management and administrative support to the staff of Serve Globally (SG). To learn more, please download job description for a Coordinator of Administrative Support – SG Position and ECC job Application. (September ’16)
  • Staff Accountant to expedite essential accounting and finance functions. This positions helps to ensure data management, record keeping and financial transactions are consistently and efficiently carried out. The Staff Accountant computes, classifies, and records data to keep financial and donor records complete.To learn more, please download job description for a Staff Accountant Position and ECC job Application. (September ’16)
  • Receptionist/Administrative Assistant (Part-time) to provide customer service and information to the
    Evangelical Covenant Church’s constituency and guests of Covenant Offices. This position responds to multiple inquiries from the public, using different communication mediums. Additionally, the receptionist will provide general administrative support to Operations’ mission support services.  To learn more, please download job description for a ReceptionistAdminsitrative Assistant Position (PT). (August ’16)
  • Coordinator of Administrative Services for Make and Deepen Disciples to provides project management and administrative support for the staff of Make and Deepen Disciples (MDD). This position will coordinate elements, finances, and developments of MDD projects and ministries. Together with the Manager of Administrative Support, the Coordinator will advance the ministry strategies, objectives, and programs by providing adequate, responsive, and timely support to the MDD team and its constituency. To learn more, please download job description for a Coordinator of Administrative Services (MDD) and ECC job Application. (July ’16)
  • Facilities and Mailroom Assistant Team (Part-time): Part-time to ensure mail room and facilities are responsive to the operational and functional needs of the 8303 facility and ECC events. This position engages and provides customer service to the ECC’s entire constituency to ensure facility, grounds and resources are operational, safe and ready for all engagements. Additionally, this role supports efforts in the mailroom for both internal and external audiences: to include shipping, assembly, deliveries, mailing, transport, moving and packaging. To learn more, please download job description for a Facilities and Mailroom Assistant – PT and ECC job Application (July ’16)

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